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Sabado Rakataka

First person to tweet @conrazon with the tag #rakataka gets a pair of tickets to the Los Rakas show at SOB’s this Saturday in New York. Since that kind of goes against the Ghetto Bassquake spirit of sharing, below’s a special Rakataka treat so you non-tweeting non-New Yorker types don’t feel left out. (sorry to […]

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Chancletas y Camiestas Bordada

It was on this site that my public fascination with Plena first materialized, (it’s actually really interesting to track) after a pre-carnaval wedding trip to Panama. Then I met Los Rakas in San Francisco, ended up recording with them in Oakland, and this past Friday I celebrated with them at the release party for the […]

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Reggaeton Round Up, Part 1: Puro Plena

A few months ago a friend emailed me pointing out the name of the popular latin artist Nigga.  After doing some poking around on the net I discovered that Nigga is Panamanian and got his name because someone said he sings like a Jamaican.  Probably in a move not un-similar to the Nas album name […]

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Ghetto Bassquake UK is…

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