New York Villages

During my trip to New York the other week, tipped off by local resident /Rupture, I headed down to an area in Brooklyn close to Sunset Park in search of KKKumbia. On the outside, It seemed to be a prominently Mexican/Central american neighbourhood and I gotta say it was visually pretty incredible to me – London’s latino population, although sizable, is virtually invisible. Aside from the usual chain stores there were mostly Spanish named stores and businsses. It also highlighted to me how ethnicities can be alarmingly segragted in the states even in large apparently intergrated cities. I found a few sonidero stores. If you want to buy music in latin american – Banda, Durangese, Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue -its sold in markets or on the street. It was kind of odd seeing tonnes of cumbia cds racked up in proper stores. And original copies rather than bootlegs with photoshop copies sleeves. They were pricey too, some double cds going for $17.

I picked up a few things that I was after. Firstly, a recent cd recording of New York’s arguably biggest sondiero DJ, Sonido Kumbala playing live at a dance in NYC. Love this piano cumbia he’s dropping. Can anyone ID?

Sonido Kumbala – Live in New York Track 2

Here he is playing in Queens, dropping the standard sondiero combination of cheesey techno and cumbia, a blend that I can’t quite get my head around but still find awesome. It also confirms what Uproot Andy told me about these nights, after he went down to one with his mates; no one dances to the techno bits leaving a few couples do the cumbia when it drops, the crowd being almost exclusively latin american.

I was after Mexican sonidero stuff like Viento Calido and Super Potro and was recommended this amazing compilation called Cumbia Revention Vol.3, contains some bangers like this one from Puebla’s Los Daddys..

Los Daddys – Cumbia Negra

The next day, pre-Secousse I headed up to East Harlem’s Little Senegal area with Radioclit’s DJ Tron. Chief Boima told me about some record stores specializing in African music (W 116th st & Frederick Douglass Blvd). One in particular was pretty amazing with a crazy choice of music from what seemed every African country, mostly bootlegs along with DVDs, porn and luggage. I was after some new funana and found a couple of comps for $3 a piece. Sadly they turned out to be a bit old and underwhealming, however Chief Boima brought me some AMAZING funana back from the real Senegal. Literally every track, bar one, a banger- digital drums, accordeons and sweet vocals. Here’s a track off The Best of Funana Rapide. The name could be wrong though (edit – Think it is correct).

Total Lopi – Salamalecum

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Botswana Crunk

Botswana’s Ruff Riddims aren’t messing. After dropping the amazing Kwassa house jam, Dumelang by Skeat, they’re already back with a banger of a new track. This time a new signing called Double Jay. I haven’t posted any Hip Hop for ages but this warrants a post as it rocks effing hard. He’s from the village of Serowe and this was just laid down at The Ruff Riddims recording studio in Palapye, produced by Red Pepper.

Get this heater Now!

Double Jay – Time 2 Shine

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Luanda Lords

Ghetto bassquake loves kuduro in case you haven’t noticed. A good day! Earlier this year Akwaaba Records flew from their base in the US to Angola with a mission to compile a kuduro record. Not an easy feat. The result is out now to buy at itunes with revenue going direct to the artists. As they say.. “The sound is grimy and raw, just as you’d hear it in Luanda. Akwaaba Sem Transporte, Akwaaba without transportation”.

Download the whole album @320 on itunes by entering Akwaaba sem Transporte.

Here is a banger off the album

Killamu – Tiramakossa (remix) (mediafire)

Check out the facebook page .

They shot this cool video of kids dancing kuduro style in the streets of Sambizanga. The guy in the pink and blue T-shirt is Na Grelha from the fierce Os Lambas

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Global GhettoEuroClub

In the early 2000′s I lived in Madrid, and during that time I made many trips to the local giant music chain, becoming very familiar with the Ibiza style club compilations that remix every popular song of the year in strange uniform sounding euro club tunes. This month, I’ve gotten a taste for what tunes will be featured on many of those giant mix compilations at the end of the summer.

This weekend I attended the RAW rhythm festival in Amsterdam and was introduced to DJ Chuckie who was explained to me as one of the main Bubbling dudes. I was excited to see a proper Bubbling set by a local hero, and was even more excited when I saw the billing as Chuckie vs. Lil’ Jon. Not quite believing that Lil’ Jon from the U.S. would be hopping on a bubbling set, all the way in Amsterdam, I kind of expected Lil Jon from Buraka Som Sistema and Chuckie doing a Bubbling vs. Kuduro set. My anticipation increased for a tropical themed set when a 12 piece band from Suriname surrounded the turntables in the center of the stage, and started doing Caribbean style Carnaval tunes. Alas, my tropical dreams were somewhat dashed when it was revelead that they were just the warm up group. Chuckie came on playing some of those mainstream style club tunes and to my surprise, Lil Jon’, the dreadlocked American hip hop superstar lept out on stage with a reverberating YEAH! Lil’ Jon always surprises with his music awareness. The set ended up being barely Bubbling, although he did through a few breaks that made me twist my head, and the Lil’ Jon super crunk definitely carried the room. My homie Fred (the Burgermeister of Amsterdam) complained that Chuckie used to be more Bubbling, but now has gone commercial, and that’s where thoughts of the Club Anthem came back to me. After experiencing a European electronic music festival, I really understand the need for such large production for these mainstream club tunes. One DJ in front of 2000 to 40,000 people means that you must have songs that could carry that crowd. Sorry but I don’t think Mr. Hit Dat Hoe is going to do that.

Many of the biggest tunes in the clubs in Europe this year will be by artists, who like Chuckie (half Surinamese), have roots in places far from Europe. Last year being surprised by tunes making it on the mix comps like Day N’ Nite by Crookers and Kid Cudi, and Tell Me by DJ Naughty, I again find myself intrigued by the source material from this years big euro club hits. Below I’m going to compare some original styles with their “mainstream” counterparts. There’s something interesting to be said for the level of fusion going on in the mainstream in Europe, where perhaps in the States the fusion is happening more in the underground. This has been evident for me since I first heard Bob Sinclair infused Magic System tracks, and Dancehall Hybrids, but it’s really interesting for me to see the level of integration across the Global Ghettotech diaspora.

First this is a DJ Chuckie remix track with my favorite mainstream Global Fusionist Akon. It’s a Dave Guetta original and it features Lil’ Jon. They played this on Saturday, and it is a good indication of the mainstream sound that I’m talking about:

Here is a DJ Chuckie “old school” track, that show more his Bubbling Roots.

Here is a massive Buraka Som Sistema track that really reminds me of the fusion of sounds going for that big stadium bomb type feeling.

Here is a more old school Buraka track that is more in the style of original Kuduro:

This one is apparently number 1 in France right now:

Here is some original Magic System:

Song I’ve most heard in Europe, with weird happy violence juxtaposition.

Get a feel for the original:

And finally a genre that I spotted over via DJ Rizzla at The Wasted Youth Sound System blog, Ragga House mashup collaboration between an Italian Soundsystem, Bob Sinclair, Shabba Ranx, and Mavado. If I didn’t hear it, I never woulda believe you.

I’ve been keeping kind of a tour log over at, so soon I’ll do a full round up of my Europe experience. Tune into Diesel U Radio on Friday, from 3pm to 5pm London time, for more sound selections from my trip!

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Its On.

Next weekend is going to be BIG. Just before Chief Boima heads back to the states we’re both playing some very special Ghetto Bassquake Soundsystem shows so you should come down and party with us even if you don’t live in the UK. Harsh, yes, but fair i feel. Get on it.


FRIDAY 7th August – Secousse, Notting Hill Arts club with A.J. Holmes & The Hackney Empire, Murkules & Sumsin.

SATURDAY 8th August – Ghetto Bassquake Special @ Musicalia, Vogue Fabrics 66 Stoke Newington Road with the awesome Isa GT.

As Isa says:


Wise words.

And if you have swine flu or two broken legs and ABSOLUTLEY HAVE to stay at home you can check us gettin rowdy on the radio for a couple of hours.

FRIDAY 7th August – Diesel U Music Radio 3pm-5pm

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You’ve heard the mixtape and it was hot. With this banging cover specially commissioned by Ivorian artist B P Konan, The Very Best’s album, Warm Heart of Africa (Rough Trade Pre-order) is already shaping up to be a classic. Dropping on Moshi Moshi on 14th September. For now here is the Architecture in Helsinki remix of the lead single.

The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa (Architecture in Helsinki remix) (Direct link)

The Very Best live @ Le Poisson Rouge NY from The Fader

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Urban Neighborhood Low Frequency Movement

Generation BassQuake… I’ve seen this amalgamation of terms/ideas used over at Generation Bass, so we have to use it when it’s put into practical application. Generation Bass and Ghetto Bassquake unite in Tilburg this Friday. Me and Vince the Prince will be tearing it DOWN! Blogger DJ’s of the world unite!

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Radio Hackney Empire Part 1

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that we’re massive fans of the awesome A.J. Holmes. As well as DJing at Secousse (get his mix here) he has an amazing High life band called The Hackney Empire who you’re gonna be hearing a lot about very soon. He just did a great show on Diesel U Music playing a tonne of incredible summery good vibes African and tropical music. Git It.

A.J. Holmes on Diesel U Music – Part One (sendspace)

Look out for Part 2 coming soon with The Hackney Empire playing a live session with Papa Milo.

UK peeps catch them live this August:

Bristol with Zun Zun Egui @ How Come on 1st August

London @ Secousse, Notting Hill Arts club on 7th August

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Secousse BK Showdown

Broooooklyyynn!!!! A pretty special night. The first ever Secousse US was a hurricane. Massive shout outs to everyone who came down and partied with us. Felt like a house party, especially when all the girls got on stage with Esau.

Truly amazing shows from Janka Nabay and The Very Best who both smashed it, leaving the crowd screaming for more. And a big shout out to all the DJs who killed it – Radioclit, Uproot Andy, Matt Shadatek, Mixed Blood, Jason Pants & Chaz Requina. Vaguely remember it ended with people doing the limbo under a blow up palm tree to soukous jams.

Andy dropped the tune of the night.

and here it is…..


Uproot Andy – Smooth Criminal RMX

London get ready for two BIG Secousse parties this August @ Notting Hill Arts club >>>>>>>>>

August 7th – Our own DJ Chief Boima, Murkules & Sumsin, A.J. Holmes & Vamanos.

August 30th – CARNIVAL BASHMENT SPECIAL – Maluca, African Boy, Wookie, A.J. Holmes & The Hackney Empire, Dotstar, Radioclit & Vamanos.

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GB Stops by Berlin

I’m coming to Berlin next, This Thursday I will be at Mama Berlin with the great DJ Zhao, and some old friends the Cumbia Cosmonauts, as well as Zizek’s the Peronistas. Afro Latin Soundclash!

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