Oh Isthmus in the Sun

Already the Carnaval tunes are sonando in that crossroads land of the Central American Isthmus. Hopefully Vamanos will be bringing some back to share from his trip.

I posted a comment earlier linking to the video of the Wo Tang Clan’s version of the Coolie Dance Riddim:

The Wo Tang Clan was (is?) a Reggae crew out of Panama, started by Principal who is definitely one of, if not my favorite, Regueseros.

Vamanos asked for a Principal post, so I’m gonna put here 5 of my favorite tracks by the versatile Panamanian DeeJaaay.

1. Date La Vuelta

A bangin’ track that apparently made it to Spanish radio, and is a version of a Trinidadian Soca tune. I always see someone try to spin another person whenever I play it out. Check the video on the tube.

2. ¿Quieren Oirme Cantar?

Am I fine? No!, Am I ugly? Yes! Do you want to hear me sing? ¡No! Why? Because you can’t!… ¡Puro comedia! The best self-deprecating Reggae tune ever!

3. Me Say Me Say

Me Say Me Say Who? The riddim on this is great, and Principal’s voice and delivery murdas it! Anyone know the name of the riddim? Is it Jamaican? I have a Demphra tune called Es Gay on this riddim as well, but I won’t play it out here. ;)

4. Papa

Hip Hop Reggae Bounce! Principal has recently found Jesus, and like many other Panamanian artistas has turned to promoting positive lyrics, and turning away from badman/gunman tunes. This is probably one of those. Chorus is saying, “I forgive you father (for leaving me) just like Jesus forgives me…”

Take me to church!

5. Me Tiene Loko

Calypso Jam! This one is to play for your parents at their holiday party. I love Calypso en Español. What does it sound like in Venezuela?

(Day-O! Harry Belefonte & Mr. Chavez warming up for their duet)

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