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Masalacism presents..Décaler Balani

Been waiting for some time for this! Balani is a little know style of Coupe Décaler out of Mali – To my ears it has a slightly more tribal and repetitive flow than the Ivorian style and often has the Balafon xylophone banging away under thundering drum machines. Like many other African dance music genres, […]

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Life Affirming Crunk

Sahel Sounds just put up the crunkest song ever created. And then I see the above video, and Iba One is my new hero! Iba One-Alhamdulilaye Dance Remix Seriously this song just makes me happy to be alive to be able to hear it. Another banger after jump:

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Coupé Décalé Balani

Dj Sénateur – Coupé Décalé BalaniUploaded by malian_connection. – Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more. Balani is a strain of Malian Coupé Décalé with less guitar, faster drums and melodies played on the Malian xylophone, the Balafon. DJ Senateur claims to have invented the style in Mali. In the legacy of the world’s ‘forbidden […]

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Hunter’s Music

Donso is a collaboration between European electronic musicians and Malian artists working in cultural traditions. The project is produced by Frenchie, Pierre Antoine Grison in Paris, and the music is based around Bambara hunting music and the Ngoni. Their album on Comet Records is out now. This is a remix of their track Mogoya done […]

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Ali & Toumani

Ever since I heard Toumani Diabate’s jaw dropping Kora playing on his Mande Variations album, I was blown away. Like a sweet wind of strings blowing across the plains of Mali (but actaully way better than that appallingly flowery description). With the awesome Ali Farka Touré, he is soon releasing a collaboration album called Ali […]

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Amadou & Mariam & Andy

Not much to be said about this other than Uproot Andy is on fire. This was just posted by Ghetto Palms but we loving it too so here you go: Amadou & Mariam -Sabali (Uproot Andy refix) (Direct Download)

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Akwaaba Means Welcome

Vacation. I love it. Even being a tourist, when I hate it. I just got back from Hawaii. After participating in a great discussion I went to the beach, and didn’t touch a computer for 10 days. No, it wasn’t the discussion that drove me to that. A friend and partner of mine is releasing […]

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Desert Storm

I’ve never been that big into music from Africa. I know thats a criminal thing to say as theres so many flavas out there but nothings ever really grabbed me that much (and if anyone wants to educate me with some suggestions, please go for it in the comments). But I saw a band recently […]

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