Banana Clipz EP Out Today

After our first single release by the Radioclit produced A.J.Holmes & The Hackney Empire, Ghetto Bassquake is back already with another hammer.

Joining forces with our friends at Bersa Discos, we have teamed up to bring you the much awaited EP from Banana Clipz.

Oro11 and Chief Boima are Banana Clipz, a project that began when both artists were living in Oakland. Forged over the course of three years, their EP distills the pair’s shared love of Afro-Latin-Caribbean sounds into a modern club template, one partially inspired by Bersa Discos’ monthly Tormenta Tropical party in San Francisco, where Boima was a frequent guest DJ and even more frequent dancefloor participant.

While Oro11 and Chief Boima might be responsible for the beats on the Banana Clipz EP, the seven-track release features a number of guest vocalists, including white-hot Oakland/Panamanian rappers Los Rakas, Bay Area-based Guyanese dancehall MC Tidal, Sierra Leone-born singer Khady Black, and Black Nature of San Francisco’s Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. Grab it now for FREE.

Download Banana Clipz EP


Push Am
War Dem Want feat. MC Tidal
Crisis Remix feat. Khady Black
Sweet Girl Love feat. Black Nature & Missy Galore
Talking Drum
Afro Latino feat. Los Rakas
Coupe Cumbia

Release Info

WAVs available on request


  1. Sarah
    Nov 29, 2010

    Thank you!!! Nothin like banging, high Q, free music to brighten up my day.

  2. Canalh
    Dec 01, 2010

    nice one ! Really enjoyed it at first listen, will blog about it.

  3. […] Latino” ft. Los Rakas (@ 0:01) as the track to select off Oro11 & Boima‘s Banana Clipz EP; then this megamix conveniently showed up on soundcloud. The tracks are impressive individually as […]

  4. […] working itself out on the Jafrican riddim. More on that here. Ghetto Bassquake released the whole Banana Clipz EP for free, treat yourself. 4// Bok Bok – Dance […]

  5. […] put on talking drum from banana clipz, and i put on SLR from […]

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